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Of course his dad's death was gonna have a presence in his story, but damn I didn't expect it like this lol. MC blowing up at Bastian when he calls their marriage his failure was soooo good, it's one of my favourite scenes so far the others being MC spinning that yarn about her and Fred being kidnapped by pirates, which I laughed at for a good five minutes; and finding out MC and Charly have become minor celebrities with a fan club in their absence; and then that scene where MC is describing the utter dread she's feeling when her mom manifests in the physical plane at the de Souza's but her sprite immediately starts smiling with the brightness of the sun itself and she's just like ''Mother!

I love her Oh man I should really be studying right now. Anyway my favourite characters are all di Parisis: 1. MC, 2. Frederique, 3. Which is, well. All the di Parisis, actually, who have faces. They're a charismatic lot. But my point is, holy crap the Duchess di Parisi is a great character, even if she can be a bit awful at times.

She's a force of nature for sure. I love the way she accepts Bas as a son in his route, I really didn't expect that and it warmed my black heart.

The Rose Among the Thorns - Introduction - Part 1 - The Rose

On Fred's route too, when she sees her children again for the first time in two years is a great scene, and also a little heartbreaking. Which does she love more, her family or the di Parisi? Do I want to know the answer lol???

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I wonder if she'll ever at least kind of be able to accept MC and Fred being in love. I haven't mentioned Frederique much but his is the only prologue I played through twice haha, it's just that not much has happened yet, but I want the world to know that he is still Best Boy now and forevermore. Will romance with other characters be available on the loveless route?

Ah, so you were one of the patient ones? Hats off to you, because waiting is something I am just no good at. I'm glad to hear you've enjoyed it so far and you like the direction things are heading in.


The new skills will be dependant on your partner and reflect what you have picked up in the last two years. There is one for each partner and they are permanent. So say you played Leo's route first - the skill you have acquired with him will be unlocked not only for that route but for all routes you play afterwards. I have a rough idea on what I would like the skills to be, but I'll see how my ideas develop as I write the routes. You can fall in love with Guillaume in the loveless route, but not the route where you are pretending to love him. I am toying with the idea of letting you have another romance option in the loveless route I won't say who, lol but it will depend on how the writing goes.

Not that bad - I think it's his bar tab that's probably costing the Duchess. It's very easy to be generous when it's someone else's money. You're Amazing! Seeing the start of their route was like jumping right back into what made the pairing so Wonderful. The little touches curly corner, what looks like a damask fill are Really nice! There was a inherent Lushness to the room - even though it was sparse. Deliberate or not, it gave an immediate indicator of war times. A -- shift from Needless Extravagance. I also really enjoyed the Concise telling of 'the story thus far'; it felt Informative without feeling like I was reading a history textbook.

It was Just Enough to let me know what had gone done in those 2 years -- not only in Segunda, but with my LI. Very dynamic. On that note: I also liked that I got to see Clips of how the Times are affecting certain characters as well; given darker theme, those kinds of details will be Crucial. It certainly Helps when you hover over them and they light up for legibility, but it's a strain to read before that and I'd like to be able to immediately process my options.

Is Maintaining them a factor? Will choices Affect your standing with LIs? Can they Potentially Leave you? Yes, the battle was won in 'Rose', but the country isn't the only one with a war. Seeing how the current state of things has MC and others particularly occupied, I'm even more Interested in how 'romance' factor will develop alongside as it's not 'Talk to LI - Get LI to not hate you - Smooch - Ride off into the sunset' anymore. To answer your questions, kisses and shows of affection will mostly be cut away, since I plan for there to be lots of them, but of course, I will have at least one CG for a 'kiss scene' since I understand that people like them.

Hmm, I'll look into the menu choice text colour and see if I can find something easier to read then. As for any typos, yes, I would hope to catch them all before the full game release, though if you want to help, please feel free to send me any you find to support blackcross-taylor. No Pressure.

The Thorns of War

I'd be happy to send in typos! Let me know if you need a Proofreader for final version as well! Wait, I just started the demo, and you can actually get the King to select you as the future queen in the original? I never figured that out and I thought I got all the CGs and endings. Is it possible you can give a small guide on that?

So, it can depend on who you are trying to romance, but basically following your mother's initial advice and behaving like a frivolous twit is what is going to earn you the King's favour.

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  • House of Thorns AGoT LCG Review Part 2 - Strategy - - Articles - Card Game DB.
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Off the top of my head, a few of the 'easy wins' are being all shy when you first greet Seneschal Corin, not eating at the first ball, playing the Rose Princess in the play and playing her to the script, crying when you have the opportunity. There are many more points available than are required to have the King choose you at the end, so you don't have to do everything right. Also Bastien mentions on Day2 and Day7 how well you are or aren't doing with regards to the King's favour, so that should give an indication of whether you're on the right track.

You'll know if you've managed it at the end because the King will ask your MC to step forward not Francesca - of course, whether you're there to hear him is up to you. Thank you! I had just assumed that the whole thing was a lost cause from the beginning, so I never really bothered to cover up the MC's intelligence. But it was pretty fun to have the king pick her for a change, then have him be rejected; Leopold and the regular 'run away with Frederique' endings were particularly fun What do you mean she's run off with her brother?

I can also see how we can get the loveless marriage path in the sequel thanks to this but more on that in another post. Thanks a lot! No problem! So glad you decided to go through with the sequel. SO glad! Ah, I'm glad you're looking forward to the sequel. Yes, we were discussing in the comments a while back how most games end with the start of the relationship - which is a nice way to conclude things, without a doubt - but it is also kind of where the story begins for the couple in question.

Just finished the demo. I like the mom a lot more than I thought I would, and I absolutely love both Leopold and the loveless marriage path.

Leopold because the relationship feels almost as genuine as the one the MC has with Frederique, and the loveless path because it feels realistic. Also, this may be my Frederique bias talking, but were there not a lot of romantic undertones when he meets up with the MC again, especially if she admits she regrets the marriage? Guillame blushing when he finds them and the way that path ends just adds fuel to my shipping fire.

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Is this another way to end up with him, or is it all going towards another platonic run away ending with him? But it certainly feels more Though I can understand why Frederique feels more desperate after she marries. Either way, really looking forward to Frederique's path. Sorry to put more pressure on you when it comes to that path, but hey, it's your fault for making their relationship feel the most sincere out the original game :p. Also, will we get to meet dad and other brother in this game? With sprites? I'm curious to see if Francoise looks more like Frederique or the MC.

He's been away for two years imagining the worst, whereas in the single route things have just been 'business as usual' for the pair. But, as I plan things at the moment, you won't be able to romance Frederique in the loveless route. Well, Frederique's demo path is written, as is Bastien's. I am just finishing off Charlotte's route and then I can post the full demo, so you do not have long to wait now. Maybe another day or two. I'm not sure if players will ever get to meet Francoise and Duke Claude - it will depend on how the routes progress as I am writing them, but if they do appear, they will have sprites.

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