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We've just had our first look at the forthcoming Large Print edition of Sherlock Holmes and the King of Clubs , which is being published by Ulverscroft in August Steve and Dave are still busily plotting their fourth Holmes mystery. Here's the blurb for King of Clubs : A brazen daylight robbery at Christie's becomes the talk of London, but Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson are no longer in the business of solving crime.

Holmes has retired to Sussex, to keep bees, and Watson, recently widowed, has returned to general practice. But when Watson, desperate for distraction, agrees to accompany his old friend to Vienna, to visit eminent neurologist, Sigmund Freud, it is not long before the pair are pulled back into the murky world of ruthless criminals bent on abduction, intimidation and murder. A shadowy terrorist group, The Black Hand, is plaguing the city, and when the tentacles of a crime committed in England reach across to Vienna to coil around Harry Houdini, the famous American escapologist, the Great Detective and his Boswell relish the chance of solving yet another puzzle.

Ulverscroft will be issuing a Large Print edition of Ben's novelization of Day of the Gun in August, and we've just been given our first look at the cover! We like!! As May heads toward June, four more titles join our ongoing Audio Book library. Details can be found on our Kindle and Audio Book Collection page! Ben has recently been collaborating with internationally-renowned artist and good friend Tony Masero on a new graphic novel for Plugged Nickel Comics.

Series: Murray Family

For Ben, it's the first artist's script he's written since the Commando yarn The Buccaneers! We're hoping it will be the first of many collaborations between Ben and Tony. The latest titles to get the audio book treatment went into production today April 21 Quintin W. Quintin is the professional's professional, so we know it's going to be good Meanwhile, our old friend Chaz Allen, who has previously recorded a number of Ben's westerns, starts work on All Guns Blazing But for some reason it's never really gotten the exposure or readership it deserves.

Maybe a new cover and a complete revision of the manuscript will change its fortunes! The plan was to catch up on each other's news over a beer or three. But before he got there he ran into two dead men and a bunch of blood-hungry Comanches. Trouble was brewing on the Staked Plains of Texas and Hennessy, who was no stranger to it, quickly found himself in the middle of a full-scale Indian war.

He was a tough hombre. But was he tough enough to survive the killing to come? Ben is presently working on his fifteenth O'BRIEN western, Flame and Thunder , which is set in the Oklahoma-Kansas border country and takes place a month or so following the dramatic events described at the end of Draw Down the Lightning. This time everyone's favorite professional fighting man finds himself caught in the middle of a savage war to claim what might just turn out to be the biggest oilfield in history! He hopes to follow this with a stand-alone western called Send for Morgan Starr and then Sherlock Holmes and the Ace of Spades , which will once again be written in collaboration with Steve Hayes, and published under Ben's real name.

The popularity of Ben's collection of western short stories, Five Shots Left , has exceeded our wildest expectations. Since publication in February, it has hit the Number One spot on Amazon's list of the Top Short Story Collections on no less than three separate occasions! Reviews have also been very favorable, with one reviewer stating that it is "Close, oh so close, to Louis L'Amour.

PDF Deadly Manhunt (A Tony Masero Western)

So you finally get the chance to see the movie and then compare it to Ben's adaptation of the screenplay! Of the adaptation, Wayne Shipley said: "I could not be happier. I certainly didn't expect Ben merely to put meat on the bones of a shooting script; but he went above and beyond in breathing new life and energy into those bones.

My hat's off to him. I'm most impressed no only with his skill as a wordsmith, but also with the instincts and insight he brought to taking the characters beyond their 'two hours traffic' on the screen. I found that I could -- early on -- divorce myself from the characters I had lived with for the better part of three years and almost effortlessly follow as Ben weaved in and out of the source to create a fabric that was both familiar and brand new.

Reading the novel became, quite simply, fun. Five Shots Left , Ben's new collection of western short stories, is now available exclusively through Amazon, in digital format. Here's the blurb: When you've only got five shots left, you have to make each one count. Like the outlaw whose quest for revenge didn't quite go according to plan. Or the cowboy who ended up using a most unusual weapon to defeat his Cheyenne enemy. Then there was the storekeeper who has to face his worst fear; the down-at-heel sheepherder who had to set past hatreds aside when a bunch of renegade Comanches went on the warpath; and the elderly couple who struggled to keep a secret that threatened to tear them apart.

The bestselling Three Guns West series has just been given an exciting makeover.

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Season One very quickly achieved audience figures of more than two million per episode, and has since won a whole slew of awards. Milgram and the Fastwalkers tells the story of Sally Lemm, a highly-stressed hotshot corporate litigator, who begins to experience strange dreams that apparently stem from anxiety and sleep loss. At her wit's end, Sally eventually consults prominent clinician Dr. Daniel Milgram played to perfection by the show's creator, Richard Cutting. Challenged by the difficulty of Sally's case, Dr. Milgram reluctantly becomes a psychiatric detective in an increasingly non-rational world.

Both Sally's and Dr.

Smashwords – About Tony Masero, author of 'The Pursued', 'Western Light', 'The Riflemen', etc.

Milgram's personal lives and successful careers evolve into a turbulent hall of mirrors once the dark and secret world of alien presence and abduction intrudes. Ben plays a British UFO expert -- thankfully briefly! A number of Ben's books are presently being recorded as audio books. More are being added to the line-up almost daily. Watch this space for updates, or check out our Kindle and Audio Book Collection page to see what's already out there!! Ben's latest collaboration with Steve Hayes is now available, and furthermore, The Oklahombres is based on real-life events!

It didn't matter a damn that Bill Doolin had never killed another man, that he was a loving husband and a devoted father with a young son. No -- Bill became a target for every Deputy U. Marshal E. Nix sent three hundred of his best men out with orders to catch or kill them.

But that was the thing about the Oklahombres -- they were going to be living legends too The ebook is available throughout the world exclusively from Amazon. The paperback can be purchased here. Our friends in the UK, F. Thorpe, will be publishing a large print edition of Three Ride Again in December, and we've just gotten our first look at the cover.

A Thorpe.

Meanwhile, a Turkish publisher has just purchased the Turkish-language rights in all three presently-available books! Small wonder that Ben and collaborator Steve Hayes are already plotting their fourth outing for Holmes and Watson, Sherlock Holmes and the Ace of Spades , in which our intrepid duo come face to face with Let's just say Ben and Steve hope to raise a few eyebrows with the next book!

Large Print rights in the book have just been snapped up by F. To whet your appetites, here's the synopsis: "The Portuguese slavers called him Sam because they couldn't pronounce his real name. They tore him away from his homeland and put him to work picking cotton in the Tennessee Valley.

Publisher Description

But the big, fleet-footed Zulu was nobody's slave, and to prove it he escaped and headed west. Throwing in with a medicine show conman named Doc Jonah, Sam started entering county footraces to earn enough money to go back to Africa. But then his trail crossed that of Major Lawrence Devlin, and nothing was going to stop the ruthless rancher's man from winning the Fort Stockton Carnival Week race. From that moment forward Sam was cheated, beaten, shot and hunted like an animal. Worse, they took his beautiful grullo mare, U-Shee-nah, away from him.

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But that was Devlin's biggest mistake, because it only made Sam more determined to get his revenge We've just received copies of the Chinese-language edition of Sherlock Holmes and the Knave of Hearts , and a very handsome volume it is, too! Great care has gone into the production of this large-format paperback, which also comes with a dustcover.

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The cover painting displays three of the major elements of the story -- Watson's hat, Holmes's pipe and What significance to these have? You'll just have to read the book to find out! We've just had our first look at the forthcoming Large Print edition of Sherlock Holmes and the Knave of Hearts , which is being published by Ulverscroft in February Here's the blurb for Knave of Hearts : Following a prolonged cocaine binge, Sherlock Holmes is closer to death than Dr Watson has ever seen him before. Fearing for his friend's wellbeing, the pair repair to France, there to enjoy a leisurely convalescence at the home of Holmes's old friend, Henri Gillet.