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InnerVerse Chance Garton. Subscribe to this podcast. InnerVerse is a podcast dedicated to prying open your Third Eye portal to the infinite and keeping you in perpetual synchronicity. Join Chance Garton for inspired interviews with conscious creators from all paths. INjoy conversations that recognize your limitless potential, and pierce beyond the veils of illusion to bring you into sovereignty and creative freedom.

Tune in to respect and celebrate life's core Truth: that we are all One Consciousness, expressing itself through our individual uniqueness. Dan Shukis and Scarlet Ravenswood are the hosts of Cosmic Keys, a podcast about divination arts and integrating occult wisdom into our lives. Dan is an adept astrologer and artist, and Scarlet teaches lessons from tarot, Wicca, and neo-pagan schools of thought. In this conversation we take a look at the deep archetypes of consciousness, as expressed by the planets and our personalities, and we explore the interplay between our creative path and our spiritual journey.

Get double length interview conversations, early podcast access and more, while supporting Chance and InnerVerse with your energy! Become a member at patreon. Evan Bartholomew is a music producer known online and at festivals nationwide as Bluetech. As a well rounded seeker, sound sculptor, pixel pusher and meaning maker, Evan crafts ambient, atmospheric audio-scapes with a fantasy sci-fi feel, combined with psychedelic artwork and themes that explore the esoteric.

In this talk we talk about his new album Holotrope and how it reflects the stages of enlightenment, along with astral adventures, turning away from overthinking, and the dilemma of desire. We went deep into discussion on grounding aspects of your spiritual awakening into your daily life, to transform your place in life, inside and out.

This talk includes tips on breathwork techniques and the details on an upcoming course Garrett will be teaching, called Embody Your Awakening. We recorded this one as a live video, so check it out on YouTube if you want to see us! From Shock To Awe is a new documentary about the devastating PTSD suffered by combat veterans, and the integration of the shadow facilitated by psychedelic plant medicines.

In this conversation Matt helps us understand the daily struggle of PTSD sufferers and how their trauma ripples out to the rest of society. Luc and Matt both help us to see, with clarity, what it means to love, forgive, and accept yourself--shadow and all. We also touch on how to create space for healing in your life, and the perspectives that can push you to your next big level-up.

Blending electronic sounds with several analogue instruments, a LuSiD show is an unforgettable, mind blowing thing. Tune in to hear about what makes Dean McDonnell tick, get familiar with some of his musical personas, and explore the deep flow state of live-looping instruments. The friend to the fairies and painter of pixies, Izzy Ivy, joins us to talk about visionary art, oracle decks, opening to the spirit world, and much more. Izzy creates transcendental oil paintings depicting mystical beings and cosmic harmony.

She also creates original clothing with a psychedelic elvish twist. She can be found traveling the world, visiting sacred sites and live painting at festivals. Join us for a conversation that demonstrates a variety of ways to stay in the flow state of perpetual synchronicity. When it comes to world domination, weather manipulation and control is a big piece on the chess board. Matt is also actively seeking solutions to many other planetary crisis situations, and is currently launching an EMF protection clothing line. Get inspired by this passionate earth protector to become an actual activist, and use your art as a weapon for truth against the evil empire.

Aubrey Warren returns to the show to talk about female psychology, the connection between mood and moon, modern witches, and how by living the way of the artist, we push past our perceived limitations.

Aubrey is a yoga teacher, festival workshop coordinator, women's life coach, and more. David Krantz is a biohacker extraordinaire, expert epigenetic life coach, and electronic music producer also known as Futexture. Join us to explore how your genes interact with your environment, behaviors, nutrition, and consciousness, and step forward on the path to creative flow state optimization.

Emily Ridout is a multi-disciplinary scholar and teacher of Astrology, Yoga, and Folklore. Join us to learn about the Inner Zodiac, how various parts of your body connect with the constellations, and what types of movements correlate to Astrological signs. We can begin to wake up our sun sign by working with the related area of the body. Ura Soul returns to the show to discuss UFO secrets and potential non-human interventions in world affairs. In this chat we highlight stories from military sources that suggest there are advanced beings and technology present in our world.

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Drawing on Ura's own personal contact experiences with possible ETs, we speculate on the nature and meaning of many bizarre stories. The creative psychic ability of the population gets used to tune in to a certain frequency, to make that thing more likely to happen, without them even knowing. You can now integrate your Steemit profile and earn on the blockchain by posting on Ureka!

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Multi-talented musical artist Keith Gladysz, aka Diet Kong, joins InnerVerse to open up about his perilous journey of recovery from Lyme disease, and how eastern philosophy, medicine, and movement practices helped Keith build himself back up to holistic vitality. Reality itself is very ugly to people, because they have that idea of beautiful and ugly.

Breaking the shackles of religion and releasing repressed darkness in healthy expressionsLooking at life through the Jungian lensTaking the long stare at the mystery of selfBalancing between the big I and the little i. As an independent holistic health scientist, Richard has dedicated most of his life to unlocking our infinite potential in these human bodies.

10th Festival participants – – Shamanic Festival

In this chat we discuss the dogmatic religions and tyrannical governments that are limiting our ability to live fully and freely. Join us for a fearless look at the darker side of the current human experience, so we can learn, heal, and transcend into new levels of wholeness. Each single person is the only source, even though that sounds counter-intuitive. That puts the total power to heal the whole picture in the hands of anyone that wakes up.

James Mattie AKA Mindful Xpansion joins me live to discuss his musical offerings and to share inspiration for your path as an infinite creator. As a young but highly conscious lyricist who flows to dope hip hop beats, James fuses his knowledge as a vegan health coach and fearless adventurer into his musical poetry.

New Age Shamanism in Altai

We talk about life in Costa Rica, the magic of Hawaii, and the powering up the Root Chakra to gain more thrust towards your dream life. Consider it a bonus show! There will be a full plus episode coming within the week as well. Have you ever seen what happens when you leave fast food out for several months? Now imagine that all the bad food you ever ate was still inside you somewhere, in it's original form! If you haven't detoxed, your body is begging for a cleanup! Levald Thomas hosts the Youtube channel If I Only Knew 2, where he creates content about his experiences with a variety of cleansing and detox strategies.

Tune in for an inspired chat on health, adventure, and spirituality. Athen Chimenti is a teacher of true sidereal astrology, a alternative to the Western system that many researchers find to be more accurate. In this episode we open the doors of perception to advanced perspectives on the as above so below nature of reality. Learn more about planetary strengths, balancing your weaknesses, the mystery of the 13th sign, and how to interpret aspects such as the north and south nodes.

Master The Zodiac with Athen Chimentiwww. Finding Balance between the North and South Nodes, past life karma and current life goalsBalancing planetary strengths and weaknesses in your chartThe challenges of a Sun in LibraAthen gives advice and recommended reading for starry eyed newbies to astrologyThe many tools and resources available at Mastering The ZodiacConnecting the dots between planets and parts of our body-space-shipIs astrology descriptive or predictive and is there a difference to the flow of life?

You can use those energies at certain time periods based on what those aspects are, for healing. Tune in and get your breathing back in a balanced rhythm so that your life unfolds in more perfect harmony! Healing The Self Is Hilariously SimpleMichael Murphy is a live poet, performance dancer, and transcendental joker who spreads the cosmic giggle everywhere he goes.

Today we're diving into Laughter Yoga, a powerful practice that Michael teaches in festival workshops. Comic author Xane Daniel is a high-energy healer and visionary veteran of the video game industry who is using his imagination to solve the biggest problem in our timeline: the fear based incentive program that we know as the monetary system. Check out his comic Righteous and get inspired by the story of what would happen if humans woke up one day and committed to doing the right thing, forever.

We also talk about activating chakras and positive past life traits and Xane's service to humanity as a light-worker. In your entire life. So congratulations, because you did it. So congratulations in advance for that, too. All is self, but this version of the quantum human known as Hakan Hisim seems to go beyond many others, piercing the veils of our world and delivering digital masterpieces of mystical proportions. Join us for Hakan's second trip to the InnerVerse as we discuss how to dispell mind control, overcome addiction demons, and dismantle the technological cult of false-light luxury that has many in this realm hypnotized and demoralized.

Get into your heart space with us, and prepare to shift your consciousness from binary and dualistic into trinary and infinite! Today's guest Kenny Palurintano is a real life rainbow warrior, Krishna consciousness artisan of plant based cookery, and Buddha of medicinal food bowls. Join us in the flow of perpetual synchronicity as we groove on freedom and bring more of our rainbow tribe into sovereignty. Freedom is the absence of fear, and in this episode we reveal many of the tricks of the controllers in our social system that can be easily dispelled with the knowledge of Truth. Sarah Josephine is a tattoo artist who imbues her creations with love and cosmic healing energy.

As a Reiki practitioner who has innovated color based healing modalities that help clients find breakthroughs using their own creativity. We talk about these soul paintings, using color to unblock our chakras, and Sarah's dream-journey to becoming a tattoo artist. Tune in for a look in the mirror to the depths of your own infinite potential, and learn more about this incredible system of self-knowing she teaches. Support your favorite show and enjoy bonus convo-content!


We're joined by Maven of Ravin' and workshop coordinator for Backwoods Music Festival, Aubrey Monk Warren for a chat about bringing the magic of music festivals home to the "real world" so that we can transform our universe from the inside out. We chat about conscious dance, the truth about entheogenic substances, and of course preview the amazing variety of things that Backwoods Music Festival on Mulberry Mountain has to offer its attendees this year. Join at patreon. You have to be connected to yourself before you care about clean water.

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Watch this video on Youtube to see the whole gang! Join the Tribe: patreon. Ura Soul Whistleblowers Pt. What connects conspiracy research to spiritual work? Ura Soul returns to bring light and share stories of many brave corporate insiders.