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Publisher: Del Rey Books.

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Edition language: English. I was enchanted by this book when I was younger, the misogyny and pedophile vibes went right over my head remember that Bink is supposed to be 25, even if he acts 15 , but reading the book again makes me wonder what the hell is going on with this book?

What Was I Thinking?

It was impossible for me to divorce the attitu See review. This was a very enjoyable read. Imaginative, funny, and has somewhat of an adult tinge to it in some of the emotions it explores. I can't wait to see what else Anthony has in store in the world of Xanth. So, Piers Anthony is a pervert, a sexist pervert.

A Spell for Chameleon (The Parallel Edition... Simplified) - eBook

That this particular book was written in is no excuse. That out of the way, what we have here is a classic light fantasy full of nice ideas and concepts. But the story lacks direction, a bit like a badly planned Dungeon and Dragons session: "an This book is a trully mixed bag.

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A lot of negatives but also some important positives that bring the score to just about average. The negatives include probably the most annoying, frustrating and unlikable protagonist ever I won't EVEN say "hero" , some occasional bad writing by Piers, very sketchy Way back in a starving young artist names piers Anthony wrote a delightful "pocket universe" fantasy novel with its own strange combination of magic, crossover with real world, and good vs evil twists and turns.

He then proceeded to write 15 more novels, each more sexualized and cruder than the Other editions And unless he gets some—and fast!

Book Series Review - Xanth (A Spell for Chameleon), by Piers Anthony

But the Good Magician Humfrey is convinced that Bink does indeed have magic. In fact, both Beauregard the genie and the magic wall chart insist that Bink has magic as powerful as any possessed by the King, the Good Magician Humfrey, or even the Evil Magician Trent. This is even worse than having no magic at all. The magic of the main characters is synonymous with their human natures and requires them to adapt how they live and interact.

A Spell for Chameleon (The Parallel Edition... Simplified)

Living in a land where everyone has magic except him, our young hero sets out to find some or find out why not. Soon after starting his journey he meets the beautiful but extremely dumb heroine whose magic is a monthly cycle of inverse beauty and intelligence - at one extreme she is beautiful but dumb, two weeks later she is mentally brilliant and contemptuous of hero as well as ugly.

What a great metaphor for a menstrual cycle! And it really puts it in terms that a young man i. It's not always his fault and he needs to to roll with the punches like our hero. If only my husband had this hero's magic maybe he would relax a bit.